Monday, March 25, 2013

Seating arrangement for Saturday!

The Columbia Tower Club sent over a rendering of what the seating chart will be for Saturday. Click the picture below for a larger version:

Some highlights:
  • There is enough seating for 280 people on the 76th floor at this event. We expect 225 people plus vendors and volunteers, so probably 240 total. This should be more than enough room. We also have use of the 75th floor for a portion of the time (more on that below).
  • See all the rooms in the corners? We have those for the entire day. There are 4 rooms that can accommodate 10 people and 2 rooms that can accommodate 20. One of the "wings" will be the game lab that Japanime Games/Coffee Haus games will be using.
  • The Dreaming Comics and Games will be setting up their pop-up shop in the larger of the two banquet rooms. They will be acting as MC's for the event, making sure that people have games to play and helping to get games started. They'll also have lots of goodies (games and other stuff) for you to gander at and purchase, if you desire.
  • Not pictured is the 75th floor. It's more of a lounge area than 76, and we can use this space until 3:00. After that, they have to get ready to open the club, so we'll have to all migrate up to 76. At that time, if it gets too cozy, we'll re-purpose the tables that were used for lunch and turn them into game tables. If we do an event like this again, we'll do it on a Sunday so we can have both floors for the entire time!
That's it for now! Stay tuned to our various social media outlets for more updates as Saturday gets closer! Get excited to Play More Games!


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