Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Games of the Day: Tsuro, Get Bit, Zombie Dice

3 for 1 today as we focus on games that are good at "getting the party started"--and yes, we will have a few of these on hand next Saturday! The featured games are Tsuro from local gaming company Calliope Games, Get Bit from Mayday Games, and Zombie Dice from Steve Jackson Games.

The concept of Tsuro is simple: Keep your dragon alive longer than all the others! You get to place tiles that determine the path of your dragon, but don't fly off the edge of the board or crash into another dragon or your dragon loses!

In Get Bit, you are a robot being chased by sharks. Can you keep your robot at least somewhat in one piece longer than all of the others, or will the sharks get you first?

Finally, in Zombie Dice, you get to play the role of the zombies for once! Your goal? Score as many delicious brains as possible while warding off gunshots from those pesky humans. Don't press your luck too much, because if the humans get you three times, you don't get to keep any of the brains you worked so hard to get on that turn.

Want to see these games in action? Then watch as TableTop brings you all three in this Casual Games episode.

Tomorrow, we feature Gloom, a silly card game where your goal is to bring about the demise of your characters. Sounds morbid, right? Well, maybe a little, but it's also hilarious--especially the way it is portrayed on TableTop. In the meantime, you guessed it: Play More Games!

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