Monday, March 18, 2013

Game of the Day: March Madness!

I can already hear the cries of "Hey! That's not a tabletop game!" You're right--but, it does indirectly have tabletop implications. Geek & Sundry is not going to always be there to gift wrap these events for us, so if we want the event on March 30th to not be a One Hit Wonder, then this site is going to have to offer more than just giant game days. One potential idea is to develop tournament software that we can use to run gaming tournaments. This would be stuff that anyone could use, and we would implement it into our events. How awesome would a 64 person Settlers of Catan tournament be? It would be a whole lot easier if there were a ready-made Website that did all the scheduling, calculating and game setup for us. If you are a front-end designer, then let's talk. As you'll see if you visit the March Madness site referenced in the next paragraph, the design is, to put it nicely, very "retro". It works, but it definitely looks like it came out of the 1990's (which it did). The database behind it, however, is rock solid. We would like to take something like this and apply it to tabletop gaming.

Now, March Madness. Our sister site,, hosts a March Madness pool management program every year, and it's that time of year! It's free, and unlike most of the major March Madness tournament management sites out there, it has no advertising. You're welcome to come in and fill out a bracket to compete for the $100 Amazon gift card. If you regularly run a pool, you also might want to consider hosting it on this site, as you can create your own pools. One of the features we have for pools is customized scoring, which allows you to choose how many points per round games are worth and also allows you to award bonus points for forecasting upsets. The site also has a Tourney Simulator, which allows you to play the "what if" game with your pools once the basketball games actually start. That way, you'll know exactly who you need to root for to stay alive to win your pool.

Anyone else see how something like this might translate to the tabletop arena? If so, let's talk.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow as we feature Star Fluxx.

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