Saturday, March 2, 2013

More information on TableTop Day on Top of the World

A few more things to know about this event and about TableTop Day in general:
  • The folks at Geek & Sundry want us to hashtag the heck out of TableTop Day!  If you plan on going to any TableTop Day event, tweet about it using the hashtag #TableTopDay.  If you are coming to our event, please feel free to add our event's hashtag as well:  #76thFloor
  • We have room for at least one more gaming store to partner with us!  The top floor of the Columbia Tower has break-out rooms (with killer views!) that you can use to pretty much set up your shop for the day.  We won't charge you anything to do this, but we will ask you to help us promote the heck out of this event!  Get in touch with Matt at if you are interested!
  • Much more in the coming days!

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