Thursday, March 14, 2013

Additional tickets released "at cost"

Earlier this week, we met with the folks at the Columbia Tower Club.  They were so impressed with our ticket sales pace (191 as of this posting!! Update: Now over 200 tickets sold!) that they agreed to let us use the 75th floor members lounge area in addition to the convention space that we're using on 76.  This increases our capacity from 200 to as many as 300 quite comfortably.  The newly-released tickets are priced "at cost".  More on what that means in a bit. 

First, however, an update on what we're getting.  There are 2 main banquet rooms on 76.  One is a little bigger than the other, so there will be 110 seats in one room and 90 in the other.  In addition to this, there are 6 small "break out" rooms, all with spectacular views, that are also ours for the day.  We can use those for tournaments, workshops, or whatever we want (incidentally, if you'd like to put together a tournament of some sort, get in touch!)  In addition to all that, we now have the 75th floor members' lounge!  This has a 103" television that we're hoping we can use to play the live stream from Geek & Sundry.  It has lots more tables, including one table in the shape of a giant guitar pick.  There's even a shuffleboard table!  As for food, we will be fed lunch at 12:30 (buffet style sandwiches--yes, there will be a vegetarian option!) There will be 2 cash bars for your imbibing pleasure.  Top tip:  Bring CASH if you plan to get drinks!  Cards are slow and keep people from playing games.  If you forget, there are ATM's on site.

Now for the ticket details:  To date, every ticket sold has been at a loss.  It is costing the producer (aka, me) $28/head to put on this party.  To those of you who are quick with math, you can see that I'm easily into 4 figures in the red currently.  I'm willing to do this because I get to count drink sales against the cost of the event, so when you factor that in, it becomes more palatable.  Despite this, I'm still probably looking at a modest loss even with the rosiest of projections.  I knew that going in, and I'm OK with it.  However, while I'm OK with a modest loss, I would really rather not get creamed.  Therefore, I'm only willing to take on risk for the first 200 tickets.  After that, I have to insist that the price be "at cost". 

I do realize that this is going to price some people out.  What this does is makes it so that people who really want to go this event will still have the opportunity to do so, while simultaneously protecting me from completely losing my shirt.  If $28 is too much for you, remember that there are a TON of other TableTop Day events happening on March 30.  They may not be as big (or as tall) as ours, but they are cheaper (heck, most of them are free).  There are at least 4 or 5 in the immediate Seattle area.  Your best bet is to go to and use their interactive map.  The downside to this site is that it takes FOR-EVER for the little stars and Meeples to populate the locations of events.  Your best bet is to start the map up and then walk away for 10-15 minutes.  When you come back, all of the events should be there.  Despite all this, we would still love to have you at our event!  It's going to be the bestest!

Thanks again for all the amazing support, everyone!  We couldn't do this without you.  Until the next post, Play More Games!


  1. Yay, popcorn! And apparently I should buy at least $13 worth of drinks. :)

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