Thursday, March 14, 2013

Game of the Day: Last Night on Earth

Prepare to be entertained. Today's game, Last Night on Earth from local gaming company Flying Frog Productions out of Kirkland, pits the Humans against the Zombies. Don't let the genre fool you. This is a fun, silly, enjoyable game that just happens to take place during the Zombie Apocalypse. Today's featured episode is one of the best in terms of the back and forth banter between the players, and it features the genesis of a certain made up character that will be forever linked to Geek & Sundry lore. Who is this mysterious new character? I'll let Felicia Day handle that one. Please enjoy today's featured TableTop episode, Last Night on Earth.

Tomorrow, it's time to find out more about the zany civilization-style game Small World. Until then, yup, you guessed it: Play More Games!

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