Thursday, February 28, 2013

Confirmed! TableTop Day on Top of the World will be happening! In the meantime, please excuse our dust...

Dawgsled Events has reached an agreement with the Columbia Tower Club to let us come and completely take over the top (76th) floor of the Columbia Tower for an International Table Top Day extravaganza!

But before we get to details, please excuse our dust.  If it looks like this site and the various other supporting sites for this event were thrown together in a rush--well, they were.  Barely 36 hours ago, Geek & Sundry launched International Table Top Day.  In that short amount of time, we created this blog, a Facebook page, a Facebook event, a Twitter account, behind the scenes hookups for all of the above, a ticket sales page on, contacted the Columbia Tower Club, negotiated with the same, and submitted our event to Geek & Sundry, all so we could be live in time for Emerald City Comicon this weekend.  So our stuff may look rushed now, but we'll be making it all pretty in the next couple weeks.

Now, on to what you can expect from the party!  We will have games, games and more games!  We will have tables set up in both of the banquet rooms on the 76th floor.  Your $15 ticket also gets you a catered buffet lunch!  $15 won't even cover the cost of one meal at most downtown restaurants.  At our party, you get games, food, games, comraderie with friends old and new, and the best views in town for a solid 6 hours! Oh, and games.

We also have access to several "break out" rooms.  Comic Book and Game stores, I'm looking at you, here!  Email if you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities!  Let's turn this into a mini Seattle gaming convention!

Much, much more to come in the coming days!  Please take a couple minutes and "Like" Dawgsled Events on Facebook:

...and follow us on Twitter:

We'll keep you in the loop! Thanks for your support, everyone! Wow--5 tickets sold in time time it took me to create this blog post...


  1. Will B.Y.O.G. be acceptable or will it be event games only?

  2. BYOG will not only be acceptable, it will be encouraged!!