Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to the #76thFloor

Here is this year's floorplan! Click the image to make it bigger.

Some highlights:
  • There are 246 chairs in the 2 main conference areas. We are capping GA tickets at 185, so with the vendors, it'll be cozy, but we should have enough room for everyone. Please obey Wheaton's Law and don't be a (table hog).
  • The Circus Maximus game in the Blake Island conference room (far left, adjacent to the corner room) is something to behold. Please stop by and play!
  • VIP rooms consist of all of the small conference rooms in the northeast corner (lower right side on the map), as well as the Board Room on the south side (small corner room in lower left). The Circus Maximus game is open to everyone. Incidentally, the club is going to renovate the northeast corner and make that area one big room, so that will be a huge help for us next year.
  • The game store and lending library will be in the Columbia room (large conference room on the right). We will also have our prize table in there.

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