Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's a sellout!

For the second year in a row, Sky High Tabletop Play is SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets. This is going to be a fun, high energy, fantastic event.

If you missed the boat, we do have a waitlist here: At this point, it is unlikely that we're going to sell any more tickets, though. We'd love to, but the Columbia Tower Club is only so big. We want to make sure everyone has a seat somewhere, and it's not fair to current ticket holders to go beyond what we've already sold. Still, it can't hurt to add yourself to it. Note that if we accept a waitlist request, it's binding (meaning we charge your card right then and there) so make sure you set an expiration time and/or cancel your request right away if you wind up making other plans.

Tickets are also transferable. While we will not be facilitating any ticket transfer requests (we've got too many other things to do in the next 24 hours!), you are welcome to post "needed" or "selling" messages to the "The official "Need Tickets/Selling Tickets" thread" on this page. All ticket transfer requests are between the buyer and the seller, and can be facilitated by the seller via their account. If you do wind up buying tickets from someone, please MAKE SURE you PRINT your ticket. We will be creating the master list sometime tonight or early tomorrow, so if your name doesn't appear on the list, the only way you can prove that you are the owner of a ticket is to have a valid printout with you.


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