Monday, August 18, 2014

Event Update: 10 days to go!

Our event is only 10 days away!  We have sold our entire allotment of Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets, and only a limited number of Tier 3 tickets remain.  Get them while they last at


The VIP menu is still having the finer points of it fleshed out - there will be 4-5 options for each course this year as opposed to the 3 last year (will be themed to feature Washington's local bounty). We will be reaching out to VIP guests in the next few days regarding their meal orders. 

Chef Tyler and our food guru worked out a lot of details for the menu. We're presenting a luau theme with the general meal this year. General admission dinner will be (subject to changes, of course, but unlikely to do so):

  • Whole roasted Kalua pig (no, you won't see the whole animal on display) served 2 ways - shredded and loins. Served w/ a tropical slaw and w/ or w/out buns for sandwich style
  • Whole sides of fish - what type of fish is TBD depending on what looks good at the fishmonger when the purchase is made. Given what's good end of August, we're likely looking at either steelhead or mahi mahi. Preparation style TBD depending on type of fish
  • A tropical salad w/ fruits both local and exotic, mixed with peppered greens (likely mizuna) and tossed with a lime white balsamic and orange olive oil vinaigrette (gluten-free menu choice, though the above may qualify as well)
  • Tropical rice pilaf, specifics TBD


The following companies will be physically in attendance showing off games and providing prizes and instructionals:

  • Japanime Games, who will be demoing ‘Krosmaster Arena’, with a giant Krosmaster board and figures
  • Eagle-Gryphon, which will be showing off games such as ‘Francis Drake’, ‘Fleet’, ‘Games of Art’, and possibly the new ‘Defenders of the Realm’
  • Frog the What, who is demoing their upcoming Kickstarter ‘Slaughterball’
  • Privateer Press, makers of games such as Level 7 (Omega Protocol), ‘Zombies Keep Out’, and ‘Bodgers’ (pending final confirmation)
  • Harebrained Schemes, demoing ‘Golem Arcana’
  • Calliope Games, likely again be bringing the life-size ‘Tsuro’ game board
  • Volunteers will be on-hand demoing games from various publishers who support the event in various ways but cannot physically attend, including Plaid Hat Games (‘Bioshock Infinite’, ‘Mice & Mystics’), GMT (‘Dominant Species’, ‘Command & Colors’), Stronghold Games (‘Space Cadets’) and numerous others.

Behind the scenes, we’re currently working on having some special guests hosting the games they’ve designed. This is of particular interest to those who are into the ‘King of Tokyo’, ‘Werewolf’, 'Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game' and ‘Smash Up’ titles to use as examples. We’ve already secured the confirmation on some of these, but not sure if they want us pre-announcing their specific attendance or not.


So this list is going to evolve as things roll in. Last year, most of our donors and supporters didn't get things to us until about a week before the event, which will likely be the case again this year. We will update the status of these periodically as things show up. What is presently a known commodity to be given away at the drawing:


Note: Many of our donors are providing or have provided multiple copies of certain games. The exact amount that will be given away is either the total they've provided or the total minus 1 in case we don't have a copy of the game to demo or put in the lending library. This is per the publisher's requests, as part of the reason they support this event is so that people will be exposed to their games. So if we publish a picture of the prize table with 4 copies of Bioshock Infinite on it and give away 3, the 4th one is at a demo table; it didn't "fall off the truck".


  • John Howie (of John Howie Steak, Seastar, Sport, and the new Wildwood Spirits Co. & Beardslee Public House) has once again gone completely over the top with donations. We still don't have everything in-hand yet, but he's giving away an immense amount of stuff, including the first item at our event that is worth so much, it's necessitating a silent auction. For those traveling, John has what is considered by many to be the finest steakhouse in the Northwest, and what is arguably the best seafood restaurant in the entire nation.
  • Calozzi's Cheesesteaks on 4th & Union (best, realistically only, authentic cheesesteaks in town) has put in 2 $25 gift cards.
  • Tom Douglas restaurants (multiple James Beard awards, including the James Beard award for best restaurateur in the world last year) has donated lunch for 2 at his famous Dahlia Lounge along with an autographed copy of one of his books
  • The Miller's Guild, a nose-to-tail themed homage to all things meat & James Beard award winning chef Jason Wilson's latest endeavor located on 6th and Stewart has donated 2 gift cards

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