Monday, August 26, 2013

Sky High Tabletop Play Floorplan - We Own the 76th Floor!

The Columbia Tower sent over the latest version of the floorplan today, so feel free to check it out. Click in the image below to open a larger one:

A few points of interest:
  • As you can see, we are spanning both ballrooms. The seating configuration in these is set up for 175 total. That means that we have more than 175 seats, due to the fact that seating probably won't be used at 100% efficiency.
  • VIP rooms are the small conference rooms on the right (north) side. Note that the smallest of the three has a couch in it, as we are looking to set up a video game console in there.
  • The Washington Room (the ballroom on the left) has open space for Life-Sized Tsuro. It also has a Loser's Couch.
  • The corner small conference room (Board Room) on the far left (south) side is booked by another party early in the evening (if you see them in the hall, be nice--they probably aren't used to gamers, let alone cosplayers!), but if we need it, the other large-ish one (Blake Island) is available for overflow.

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