Thursday, April 9, 2015

Floorplan, parking and other important stuff

TableTop Day is almost here! Here's some information for you for Saturday. First of all, here is this year's floorplan. Click on it for a bigger image.

We don't have the northeast rooms this year, but we do have the southeast rooms. The kitties will be in the Board Room (southeast corner office) on Saturday. Very Important Kitties!

Parking: Your best bet is to park in the Columbia Tower Club garage. It's a flat $9 for the whole day. Just be sure you're out of there by midnight (which shouldn't be a problem, since the event ends at 11:00) or you will be charged BIG bucks (like $30-$40).

Public Transportation: The closest bus stop is the Pioneer Square Transit Tunnel station. It's 2 blocks up the hill from there.

Check-in: Doors open at 11:00 sharp on Saturday for main session/all session ticketholders. It's not required, but it helps a lot if you have a printed copy of your ticket when you check in. We will have a check-in station on the 40th floor from 11:00 until 11:30. If you arrive after that, proceed to the 75th floor and see the concierge desk, which will be on your right as you exit the elevator. For evening session only ticketholders, you will also check in at the concierge on 75. Evening session attendees may start showing up any time after 4:30.

If you have any questions, please email Matt at Thanks, and see you Saturday!

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