Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Videos of Meow Cat Rescue kitties!

We're working on a video for the "What's Your Game Plan" contest being put on by Geek & Sundry. Today, we went on location at Meow Cat Rescue to get some footage of kitties. The finished product won't be ready for a week or so, but we have some raw footage that is highly entertaining. Here's 4 of our favorites from today.

Video 1: 3 gray kittens playing

Video 2: The Creamsicles! These kitties will feature prominently in our montage of games.

Video 3: Your move, Mr. Wheaton!

Video 4: The star of the show! This kitty has had a bit of a rough life, having been permanently injured by being hit by a car. You'd never know it, though, with the way she can JUMP!

1 comment:

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