Thursday, July 31, 2014

Food buffet options for this year's party!

We met with the Executive Chef at the Columbia Tower Club today and came up with this year's menu.  It is significantly upgraded compared to last year's spread.  You're paying more this year, so you should expect more.  The theme is Tropical Luau, and here's what we will have:

  • Roast Kalua pig, shredded up with a nice pineapple-citrus slaw and buns
  • Whole sides of fish, TBD depending on what looks freshest when the chef makes the order
  • Tropical fruit salad w/ pepper greens and a lime balsamic/orange olive oil vinaigrette
  • Tropical rice pilaf

For VIP guests, we will be contacting each of you individually regarding your meal choices.  Suffice to say, it will be a similar step up from last year as well--and we will make sure that the pacing is such that you don't waste 2 hours eating/waiting between courses when you'd rather be playing games!

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