Friday, April 4, 2014

3 tickets left EDIT: Sold out!

UPDATE -- we just sold out. Waitlist requests will be seriously considered in the morning, but they may not be processed until 10:00, so please read below before acting. ---- There are exactly 3 tickets left.  One way or another, sales end at 9:00 tomorrow morning, because that's when I'm printing the manifests.  If you go to the ticketing site and find it sold out, you may still add yourself to the waitlist.  Here's the thing about the waitlist, though:  If I "accept" your waitlist request, it processes your credit card payment right then and there.  Therefore, if you want to be considered, please email with one of the two following messages:  1) YES, please process my request no matter what, or 2) Please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx to confirm that I still want to go before processing my request.  If you don't email me, I'll assume you're in the #2 camp, and since I won't have your phone number, I won't process your request.

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